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F. Dawood & son was humbly established in 1947, with firm business policys. The organization is based on supplying chicken on a national as well as an international level to all market sectors, which include butchery’s, supermarkets, spazas, informal settlements and wholesalers in a new and innovative way.

The organization mission is to supply chicken at an affordable price with the best quality and creating a product presence so that chicken is the preferred choice of food. 

The organization boasts a large range of alliance partners so that a variety of chicken products can be obtained. We at F. Dawood & sons believe in gaining a large clientele base, which provides growth and productivity not only for the organization but for the client as well.

The organizations policy is to build long-term relationships with its suppliers and clients.

Dawood Distribution is where the organization deals with the logistics and marketing aspects of the business. F. Dawood & sons have over the years grown extensively into Dawood Mega Stores.

Our stores are based on a modern concept, which provide a pleasant shopping experience for our clients.

The organization is ascending in terms of experience, product innovation and product knowledge. 

We believe our stores and employees are tailor made for the industry, and will provide you with the best service to make your business profitable for you.